Worldwide communication has been easier with the inception of VoIP calls. The Magic Tel VoIP service increases the overall efficiency and the pace of Internet connectivity. Our services are consistent, reasonably priced and high in quality.

Magic Tel provides a smart calling card, which allows quality-calling services to most countries at affordable rates. Iran VoIp service is excessively useful for business purposes, since it fulfils the international requirements of the business sector. Magic Tel gives unlimited access to different parts of the world, keeping you connected in the form of voice calls and more. Being an internet-phone based system; it gives a lot of flexibility and portability to the users from Iran.

Magic Tel allows people to reduce their long distance calling charges, while they still retain their personal or professional image. There are different voice-calling plans, which comprise of cheap international calling from Iran as well as domestic phone services. Prepaid calling cards are a great deal for people who have an estimated number of calls to make every month. Magic Tel ensures that its users get a lot of freedom while dealing with their phone services. Magic Tel allows VoIP calling to numerous countries across the globe, originating from Iran.

Initiated in 1998, Magic Tel is considered to be one of the reputed VoIP calling companies across Iran. At the moment, the company offers more than a million long distance calling minutes every month. Formerly, Magic Tel was introduced to provide services to clients across United States and later migrated to different countries. Using the latest technological advances, the company is equipped with effectual back-end infrastructure, supporting complex communicative devices. Regardless of your requirements, Magic Tel ensures quality services at affordable rates across Iran. Feel free to browse through our VoIP calling plans.

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